Buffon Macaw (Ara ambigua)

Buffon Macaw

Length: 26 - 34 inches

Wingspan: 44 - 50 inches

Weight: 1200 - 1600 grams

Plumage: The feathers are a lime green color, the vent area is red, the tail shifts from a red-orange at the rump to an orange, greenish-yellow, with the tip of the tail a light turquoise color.

Beak and eyes: The beak is black and the iris is a pale yellowish color.

Soft Parts: The facial area is pink -- the face turns red when the bird is excited. The feet are dark gray.

Origin: found in southeastern Honduras, Central America, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, and Panama

Buffon map
RED AREA shows the Buffon macaw's habitat

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