Conservation: Save the Parrots

Conservation, Save the parrots of the world

The pet trade

For thousands of years people have kept macaws and parrots and other birds as pets. Because of the pet trade, traders use terrible and illegal methods to trap and transport birds that they have illegally trapped. Illegal trappers have gone into the remote areas of the world and dangerously decreased the population of many species of parrots. They will kill the parents to get to their nest and take the very young chicks. The chicks are then shipped to the pet trade, which during transport it is believed that 9 out of 10 chicks will die !!

Other Threats to the birds of the world

In many parts of the world, the macaw is considered a delicacy. The macaw is very easy to hunt because of it's large size. But this type of hunting is a relatively small-scaled treat compared to the pet trade, because the local natives only hunt for what they need and no more.

When other species are brought into an area that they have never been to before and establish themselves, they now compete for food and nesting areas. This is especially true when non-native animals are brought into an isolated area, like an island. An example, rats and monkeys are only found the mainlands, but if introduced to an island habit, they will raid the local bird nests and eat the eggs and the chicks.

Another threat to the birds is the loss of habit. Many species of parrots have become extinct over the last two hundred years and many others are close to extinction today! Parrots live primarily in the forests. The cutting down of the rain forests and other forests means the loss of nesting sites and food. It also puts many species of parrots in very vulnerable positions because it forces many other animals into a more confined area to live.

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