Missy    Blue and Gold  Macaw

This is Missy, my Blue and Gold Macaw. He was about 16 weeks old when this picture was taken. He could say "Hello", "What's That?", and "Play in the window."

lovebirds -- Heckle and Jeckle

Here are Heckle and Jeckle. These two little birds make more noise than my macaw.

Missy and one lovebird

One of my lovebirds always tries to play with Missy. The lovebirds think that they are just as BIG and TUFF as a macaw !!! This is not a good idea to let a small bird play with a BIG bird (you can guess what could happen !!).

Rebel cat and Missy

This is Rebel. As you can see Missy is not scared of this 22 pound cat.


This is KitKat.

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