Green-winged Macaw (Ara chloroptera)

Green winged macaw

Length: 26 - 37 inches

Wingspan: 41 - 49 inches

Weight: 1250 - 1700 grams

Pluage: Head, under the wings,belly, and the tail is a deep red. The greater wing converts and the secondaries are a light blue. The back, rump, and tail converts are a light blue. The bottom of the tail and flight feathers are a dark red.

Beak and eys: The upper beak is a pale horn color, with a wide black mark on the upper half of the cutting edge. The lower beak is black. The iris of the eye is pale yellow.

Soft parts: The facial area is white with lines of small red feathers in front and below the eyes. The feet are gray.

Origin: They are found in eastern Panama and throughout South America.

Map of greenwinged habitat

Red area shows Green-winged Macaw's habitat

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