Hyacinth Macaw (Anodorhynchus hyacinthinus)

Hyacinth Macaw

Length: 33.5 - 36.8 inches

Wingspan: 46-50 inches

Weight: 1200-1700 grams

Plumage: violet-blue - deeper shade on the wings. The underside of the wings and tail feathers is blackish blue

Beak and eyes: The beak is black and the iris is a dark brown

Soft parts: on either side of the mandible there is a crescent shaped area of yellow skin, there is a yellow circle of skin around the eyes, and a thin yellow line on the black tongue. The feet are gray.

Origin: Brazil, south of the Amazon and in the eastern area of Bolivia.

Social habits: They are usually seen in small family groups, except during feeding times and roosting sites.

Nests: The hyacinth macaw usually lives in hollow trunks of trees and on cliffs (in northern Brazil).

Clutch Size: One to three white eggs

map of hyacinth habitat

Red area shows Hyacinth Macaw's habitat

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