Scarlet Macaw (Ara macao)

Scarlet macaw

Length: 33 -37 inches

Wingspan: 44 - 47 inches

Weight: 950 - 1150 grams

Plumage: Upper body is red, the center of the wing is yellow, the primaries and secondaries are blue, the lower back, rump and tail converts are light blue, the tail is scarlet with the underfeathers being blue.

Beak and eyes: The upper beak is horn-colored, with a black cutting edge.The lower beak is black. The iris of the eye is a pale yellow.

Soft parts: The facial are is bare white, with reddish hair -- short and hard to see

Origin: Found in eastern Mexico, through out much of South America

habitat map of scarlet macaws

Red area shows Scarlet Macaw habitat

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