Severe Macaw (Ara Severa)
or also known as:
Chestnut-Fronted Macaw
Severe - from The Complete Book of Macaws blank spacesevere macaw

Length: 18 - 19 inches

Wingspan: ?

Weight: 360 - 410 grams

Plumage: The crown of the head is is tinted blue ( but some have less blue showing) with a brownish line of feathers bordering the lower part of the cheeks. The bend of the wing and under-converts are scarlet. The tail feathers are reddish-brown with blue on the tips, with the underside being a pinkish red.

Beak and eyes: The beak is black and the inner ring of the iris is yellow and the outer ring is brown.

Soft Parts: The facial area is a yellowish white with small dotted lines of tiny black feathers. The feet are gray.

Origin: Found in northern South America -- Venezuela, Guyana, Brazil, and French Guiana, eastern Panama, Colombia, eastern Peru, and northern Bolivia.

habitat map fo severe macaw

Red area shows Severe Macaw's habitat

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