Yellow-Collared Macaw (Ara Auricollis)
Or also known as
Yellow-Naped Macaw

Yellow-naped macaw

Length: 15 inches

Wingspan: ?

Weight: 230 - 250 grams

Plumage: Mainly a dark green with a yellow collar (note the name) encircling 2/3 of the upper neck. The primaries are blue and the undersides of the wings and tail a golden-olive. The upper surface of the tail is maroon with the tip of the tail blue and green.

Beak and eyes: The beak is black and iris is reddish brown.

Soft Parts: The bare facial area is white with rows of tiny hairlike feathers. The feet are pinkish.

Origin: Found in northern and eastern Bolivia, Brazil and northwestern Argentina.

habitat map of Yellow Collared macaw

Red area shows habitat of the Yellow Collared Macaw

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